Past DR Mission Trips

Christ Church has a long-standing program to sponsor mission trips to the Dominican Republic. This mission trip program is one of the many ministries of Christ Church. Below are planning pages, photos albums, and trip reports from our past mission trips.

For our 2016 mission trip planning page, click here.

The final report from our June 2015 mission trip is here. The photographs from that trip are here. For the planning page for that trip, click here.

Previous Trip Reports and Photograph Albums: June 2014 | June 2013 | June 2012 | June 2011 | June 2010

Photograph Albums: June 2009 | June 2008 | June 2007 | June 2006

For the web page of the Diocese of Georgia’s Companion Diocese Commission with links to mission trip reports from other congregations in the Diocese of Georgia, click here. For the annual report of activities in 2015 in the Dominican Republic by churches in the Diocese of Georgia, click here.