Welcome to Christ Episcopal Church
Valdosta, Georgia


A Message From The Rector

Hope you’re doing well. As you may have heard, Phase 1 of the diocesan guidelines for resuming in-person worship is effective today. Accordingly the vestry has unanimously voted to resume Sunday services on July 19. These services will be held at 8:00, 10:00, and 12:00 – and will adhere to all diocesan and CDC guidelines. These will be the only weekly services for now. While additional details will be sent to you later, these guidelines include the following: the worship may last no longer than 40 minutes, no singing, all participants must wear masks at all times and keep more than six feet away from persons not in their own household (here is the link for the complete diocesan guidelines: Phase 1 Diocese of Georgia Safer Standards. Because these services cannot have more than 50 total participants, we will need participants to RSVP ahead of time (again, more details forthcoming). We will also be continuing the online service offerings as we have done the past few months – it is a both/and approach rather than an either/or one. The Daily Words of Grace will also be continuing. I bid your continued prayers as we all navigate this challenging time. Stay safe, and God bless you.



July 1, 2020