Christ Episcopal Church communicates with parishioners and friends of the church in several ways. Announcements often appear in more than one of the publications listed below.

Weekly Bulletin
Each Friday, the parish administrator emails the “Weekly Bulletin” publication with announcements and calendar dates about upcoming activities, including a list of those scheduled to serve during the next Sunday’s worship services. Much of this information is duplicated in the printed bulletins distributed in church each Sunday and in the “News” section of this website. To have an announcement or other note included in the Weekly Bulletin, contact the church office ( or (229) 242-5115). To receive these “Weekly Bulletin” publications by email, add your email address using the “Join Our Mailing List” form in the right column of each page on this website. You can also use this form to update your recorded email address to a different address.

Social Media
Christ Church maintains a Facebook page. For suggestions about our social media, please contact the church office.

Discipleship Guide
Here is a link to our current ministries as a guide to parishioners and guests. We strive to keep this information current, but if you note something  that needs to be updated or revised, please email the church office.

Welcome! Pew Card
This is a small, folded card placed in the document holders in all of the pews that contains basic information about Christ Church, including our current schedule of services, clergy, and contact information. Copies of this card are placed in the “gift bags” made available to our guests at our worship services. A PDF copy of this card is available here.

What to Expect When You Visit an Episcopal Church
This is a brochure to help guests who might not be familiar with the worship styles in Episcopal churches. Copies of this brochure are placed in the “gift bags” made available to our guests at our worship services. A PDF copy of this brochure is available here.

Manna & More
We published a 430-page cookbook, Manna & More, in November, 2009. It can be downloaded in PDF form here. To read an online version of Manna & More where you can flip through the pages online, go here. These two formats of the cookbook are available free of charge. The commercially-printed version of the cookbook (spiral binding) is no longer available.

Altar Guild Handbook
We published a handbook for our Altar Guild in September, 2009. It can be downloaded in PDF form here. This handbook has many illustrations in full color to assist the work of our Altar Guild members.

The Vineyard
The Vineyard, a monthly newsletter, is posted online in a blog format here. Monthly compilations of the Vineyard blog are printed and made available from the parish office upon request.

Archived Vineyard issues from March 2013 to December 2008 that were created in another format are available below.

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