The Vestry

The Vestry as of December 2023, from left: Mike Tanner, Larry Wisenbaker, John Hiers, Phyllis Holland, Dottie Pitts, Jeani Synyard, Molly Stevenson, Patricia Tyson, Sandra Fletcher, Steve Honeycutt, Al Turner, Brad Burnette, The Rev. Hal Weidman. 

Vestry members in January 2024, from left: Ed Mistick, Larry Wisenbaker, Phyllis Holland, Bobby Yarbrough, Molly Stevenson, Steve Honeycutt, Patricia Tyson, Cliff Baker, Becky Meadors, Jeani Synyard, Mike Tanner, The Rev. Hal Weidman, John Hiers.

The Vestry at Christ Episcopal Church assists with the administration of the church. The Rector presides at all Vestry meetings. The Vestry meets once a month, and those meetings are open to all parishioners.

Financial reports

January-February, 2024

Annual reports 

2023 (Prepared  for Annual Meeting on January 21, 2024)

The 2024 Vestry Members



Cliff Baker (2026)
John Hiers (2024)
Phyllis Holland, Secretary (2025)
Steve Honeycutt, Junior Warden (2025)
Becky Meadors (2026)
Ed Mistick (2026)
Molly Stevenson, Senior Warden (2025)
Jeani Synyard (2024)
Mike Tanner (2025)
Patricia Tyson (2024)
Larry Wisenbaker (2024)
Bobby Yarbrough (2026)
Stefani Carroll, Vestry Treasurer






Our Vision

To receive God’s grace in Jesus Christ, and share this grace with one another and the world.


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