Tomberlin Church History Articles

Tomberlin Church History Articles

Dr. Joseph Tomberlin

Dr. Joseph Tomberlin, 1937-2018

Joseph A. Tomberlin graduated from Valdosta High School in 1955. After serving in the United States Navy from 1956 through 1959, he received a Bachelor of Arts in History from Valdosta State College. He received his Master of Arts and Doctor of Philosophy in History from Florida State University. He returned to Valdosta State College in 1967 as a history professor. He was head of the Department of History from 1982 until his retirement in 2000. He was a member of the Lowndes County Historical Society since its founding in 1967 and served the Historical Society in many capacities including past president. He was a long-standing member of Christ Episcopal Church. In retirement, he found pleasure in researching and writing a monthly column focused on Christ Church’s history. He wove together an interesting narrative around what to some may appear to be mundane events. Enjoy reading his articles organized chronologically. — Dr. Michael Black

A summary of the church’s history written for the Parish Profile as part of the search for a new rector following the retirement of the Rev. Peter Ingeman in 2012:
History of Christ Church until 2012

Vineyard newsletter article format

Fall 1941: Acquiring a loan to build the Patterson Street church; change in vicars (Vineyard, February 2010)

February 1943: Decision to build a new church on Patterson Street (Vineyard, August 2011)

October 1945: Building and borrowing (Vineyard, March 2013)

April 1946: Selling the church building on East Central Avenue (Vineyard, September 2011)

June 1946: Calling the Rev. Clifton White as vicar (Vineyard, March 2010)

April 1948: John Courtnay LeBey, architect for the Patterson Street church building Vineyard, October 2011)

May 1948: Insurance for the Patterson Street building (Vineyard, November 2011)

May 1948: Accepting bids for the Patterson Street building (Vineyard, December 2011)

June 1948: Money and cost reductions in building program (Vineyard, January 2012)

July 1948: Distribution of building funds from the Diocese of Georgia (Vineyard, February 2012)

July 1948: Diocesan secretary and Christ Church senior warden negotiate funds transfer (Vineyard, March 2012)

September 1948: Laying the cornerstone for the Patterson Street church building (Vineyard, February 2009):

September 1948: Construction of the Patterson Street church building, Vestry meeting (Vineyard, March 2009):

September 1948: Building funds in hand and building funds to come (Vineyard, April 2012)

October 1948: Problems in financing the Patterson Street church building (Vineyard, April 2009):

November 1948: Bishop Barnwell to the rescue (Vineyard, May 2009):

November 1948: Diocesan secretary insists on insurance (Vineyard, September 2012)

November 1948: Furnishing for the Patterson Street building; purchase of insurance (Vineyard, May 2012)

November 1948: The debate over the church’s parish hall (Vineyard, June 2012)

January 1949: Borrowing the money for the parish hall (Vineyard, July 2012)

January 1949: Negotiating with the Bishop & the Bank (Vineyard, June 2009):

January 1949: Vestry encouraged to borrow money from C&S Bank in Valdosta for parish hall (Vineyard, August 2012)

February 1949: Bank loans; 1950 church budget (Vineyard, July 2009)

March 1949: Mrs. Simpson loans money for parish hall (Vineyard, January 2013)

May 1949: Disputed charges for wiring the kitchen in the parish hall (Vineyard, December 2012)

February 1950: Raising money to pay off the Simpson loan (Vineyard, February 2013)

May 1950: Termites (Vineyard, August 2009)

June 1951: Investigating the church insurance program (Vineyard, October 2012)

June 1951: Completion of construction and insurance arrangements (Vineyard, November 2012)

September 1951: More Sunday School rooms (Vineyard, September 2009)

December 1951: Application for loan from the American Church Building Fund (Vineyard, October 2009)

December 1951: A long process to apply for a loan (Vineyard, October 2009)

April 1952: Loan from the American Church Building Fund Commission (Vineyard, November 2009)

May 1952: Calling a new Vicar (Vineyard, April 2010)

May 1952: Calling a new vicar, pt.2, and issues with the vicar teaching at Valdosta State (Vineyard, May 2010)

July 1952: Vicar/Vestry conflict (Vineyard, June 2010)

July 1952: Low Church or High Church? (Vineyard, July 2010)

July 1952: Issues with the loan from the American Church Building Fund Commission (Vineyard, December 2009)

October 1952: Issues with the loan and the bishop and the vicar (Vineyard, August 2010)

February 1953: Vicar resignation; bishop attends vestry meeting (Vineyard, September 2010)

March 1953: The Rev. Kippenbrock moves into the rectory at 115 West North Street in Valdosta (Vineyard, October 2010)

May 1953: Biographical information about the Rev. Michael Joseph Kippenbrock, Vicar (Vineyard, November 2010)

June 1953: Issues with church loan for Sunday School rooms; locating a builder for the project (Vineyard December 2010)

July 1953: Bids to build Sunday school rooms (Vineyard, January 2011)

September 1953: More details about loan application (Vineyard, February 2011)

November 1953: Discussions of items needed for Sunday School rooms (Vineyard, March 2011)

January 1954: Inspection of the Sunday School annex (Vineyard, April 2011)

February 1954: Vestry displeased with quality of construction of Sunday School rooms (Vineyard, May 2011)

February 1954: Vestry moves to become a parish in 1954 (Vineyard, June 2011)

April 1954: Congregation approves formal petition for parish status (Vineyard, July 2011)

March 1971: Christ Church women make needlepoint kneelers (Vineyard, January 2010)

Vineyard blog post format

1945-1958: Space for the Sunday School program (Vineyard blog, February 27, 2013)

1946-1953: The Rev. Clifton H. White (Vineyard blog, March 12, 2013)

1949-1950: The Simpson Loan, part 1 (Vineyard blog, January 7, 2013)

1949-1953: The Simpson Loan, part 2 (Vineyard blog, January 25, 2013)

September-December 1958: Purchase of building at 103 East College Street (vineyard blog, March 18, 2013)

1959: Tension between the vestry and the Rev. Kippenbrock (Vineyard blog, May 31, 2013)

1959-1960: The maintenance of church facilities, part 1 (Vineyard blog, July 28, 2013)

1959-1960: The maintenance of church facilities, part 2 (Vineyard blog, November 10, 2013)

1959-1960: The maintenance of church facilities, part 3 (Vineyard blog, December 17, 2013)

1959-1960: Stuart Hall (Vineyard blog, April 20, 2013)

1953-1963: The tenure and departure of the Rev. Kippenbrock, 1953-1963 (Vineyard blog, March 5, 2014)

1963-1964: The 1963-1964 Search for a New Rector and a New Rectory (Vineyard blog, May 27, 2014)

1963-1964: The 1963-1964 Search for a New Rector and a New Rectory, continued (Vineyard blog, July 31, 2014)