A note of thanks (several, actually) from the chair of the Search Committee:

To the Rev. Joye Cantrell for guiding the Parish on this journey of self-discovery and for her assistance to the Search Committee;

To Julia and Julius Ariail for creating the best parish profile that anyone has ever seen (all our candidates commented on how they were drawn to us by the profile);

To Junior Warden Frances Guice and her helpers for sprucing up our buildings and grounds to make a good impression on candidates for rector;

To Kim Dudley and Amy Creasy for unfailing support on the administrative end of the search;

To Angela Duncan for putting our wonderful organ through its paces for each of the candidates;

To Elizabeth Wisenbaker and the Stewardship Committee for the pledge drive, since their success enabled us to be confident that we could adequately compensate our new priest;

To past Senior Warden David Sandbach for his support in launching the search and for his leadership of the parish at a critical time;

To Senior Warden Jeff Hanson and the Vestry for acting quickly to move Christ Church into its next phase;

To the Rev. Canon Frank Logue who has offered his wisdom at critical times while allowing us freedom and flexibility;

To all individuals and groups who have been praying for God’s guidance in the search process;

To the Christ Church family for your support, input, feedback, and especially for your patience as we have followed the guidelines for the search laid down by the diocese;

To the members of the Search Committee: Michael Black, Allan Dear, Jeani Synyard, Mike Tanner, Helen Tucker, and Nikki Yarbrough. The dedication, sacrifice, commitment, generosity, and love for Christ Church that these Spirit-filled people have displayed for the past year and a half has made it a joy to work with them.

I LOVE Christ Church,

Phyllis Holland
FORMER Chair of the Search Committee