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Twenty-One people were either confirmed, received or reaffirmed at Christ Church during Bishop Benhase’s visit on January 10th.  There was a full house to greet them into the church as overflow parking spilled into Father Dave’s backyard and ushers were forced to bring in chairs to the annex to seat them all.

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Of the Twenty, Eighteen were from Christ Church and two traveled over from St. Andrews in Douglas.  The list of person’s is given below.  Please note the following definitions:

  • CONFIRMATION refers to a baptized person who is making a mature public committment to Christ.
  • RECEPTION is for those already baptized and who have made a mature public commitment to Christ by confirmation in another communion.
  • REAFFIRMATION is for previously confirmed members who wish to reaffirm their faith.



   Name    Type    City Prev Affiliation
Deirick Bradley Confirmed Valdosta  Baptist
Leigh Bradley Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Krystle Black Confirmed Valdosta  Baptist
Jennifer Fowler Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Jake Daughtry Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Caroline Prine Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Brooklyn Prine Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
John David Greneker Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Grace Tanner Confirmed Hahira  Episcopal
Jim Chamberlin Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Joe Ferrell Almond Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Madison Jackson Confirmed Valdosta  Episcopal
Jeff Worn Reception Valdosta  Catholic
Cassie Worn Reception Valdosta  Catholic
Margaret Alexander Reception Valdosta  Episcopal
 Elizabeth Martyn*  Reception  Douglas   unknown
 Stephan Gray*  Reception  Douglas   unknown
 Peggy Mellors  Reaffirmation  Valdosta   Catholic
 Paul Johnson Reaffirmation  Valdosta  Episcopal
 Emily Johnson  Reaffirmation  Valdosta  Episcopal
 Kate Hansen  Reaffirmation  Valdosta  Episcopal

*Members of St Andrew’s Douglas

Bishop speaks to the confirmation class before rehearsal on Sunday morning.