Brenda Keller’s book, A Monk in High Heels: Living the Cloistered Life Outside the Monastery, has recently been published by CreateSpace Press and is currently available for sale on Amazon. Brenda is a recent member of Christ Church, and was confirmed by Bishop Benhase on April 21, 2012. The book is dedicated to Dr. Meredith Gould, another published author, and also to the Rev. Tar Drazdowski, Assistant Rector of Christ Church. Brenda writes about Tar+ in these words: “With loving gratitude to the Rev. Tar Drazdowski, for being a gift to my life for a time such as this, for patiently answering questions and faithfully pointing to the Answer by counsel and example.”

Tar+ had this comment upon the publication of Brenda’s book: “A great read for those of us who are looking for more structure in our prayer lives. I highly recommend A Monk in High Heels! I love working with Brenda and I am thankful that God allows us to engage His mission together!”

A photograph of Brenda Keller that appears on the back cover of her book. This photograph was taken in the Library area of the Gabard Education Building.

From the back cover of the book: “Brenda Keller has spent years visiting monasteries and learning from those who have dedicated their whole lives to God. A Monk in High Heels: Living the Cloistered Life Outside the Monastery is an insightful, relatable, and delightful chronicle of her journey into the heart of monasticism. With lyrical wisdom and wickedly funny wit, she shares the challenges of embracing spiritual life while living fully in the secular world.”

Brenda is also an active blogger at Peace Love Jesus and Coffee, and welcomes readers’ comments there. Watch for an article on Brenda and her new book in the November 2012 issue of the Vineyard, the monthly newsletter of Christ Church.

Brenda, talking about her book at Christ Church.