Christ Church’s website ( now contains the following new items:

The Rev. Ingeman’s sermon from 09/24/2011 (the ordination of The Rev. Walter Hobgood):

The Rev. Hobgood’s sermon from 09/25/2011 (sermon delivered at the 8:00 a.m. service, his first celebration of the Holy Eucharist following his ordination on 09/24/2011):

The Rt. Rev. Benhase’s sermon from 09/25/2011 (the Bishop’s annual visitation to Christ Church):

Background information about the saints and other commemorations for the Wednesday evening services, updated through 09/28/2011:

Online album of photographs from 09/24/2011 (ordination):

Online album of photographs from 09/25/2011 (visitation, groundbreaking, dinner on the grounds):

The Vineyard for October 2011: