At their meeting on January 21, 2013, the Vestry elected the following officers for 2013: David “Sandy” Sandbach, Senior Warden; Steve Roberts, Junior Warden; Lucy Tomberlin, Secretary; Carolyn Eager, Treasurer (ex-officio vestry member); Bonnie Hanson, Assistant Treasurer (ex-officio vestry member). More information about the Vestry of Christ Church, including a link to photos of all current members, is available here.

The Vestry also completed the membership of the Search Committee by electing the following: Michael Black, Allan Dear, Mike Tanner, Helen Tucker, and Nikki Yarborough. On November 19, 2012, the Vestry selected Dr. Phyllis Holland as the chairperson of the search committee, and Jeani Synyard as the Vestry liaison member. The membership of the search committee is now complete. More information about our search for a new rector and the current leadership transition period is available here.