The cornerstone of Christ Church. The dates refer to the construction of the first church building on 309 Central Avenue in 1885, and the current building at 1521 N. Patterson Street in 1948.



The History of Christ Episcopal Church


Four general histories and a series of articles about specific episodes in the history of Christ Episcopal Church are available online. Thomas Mundy, Jr., the son of The Rev. Thomas Mundy, vicar from 1936 to 1946, compiled a history from the beginnings in 1871 until 1943. The Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Jr., rector of Christ Church, compiled a second history from the beginnings until 1974. Nancy Curtis, a parishioner, compiled a third history from the beginnings to 1989. Dr. Joseph Tomberlin, a parishioner and Professor of History Emeritus at Valdosta State University, wrote a fourth history from the beginnings until 2012.

These documents are available at the links below:

Mundy, to 1943

Louttit, to 1974

Curtis, to 1989

Tomberlin, to 2012

Starting in February, 2009, Dr. Tomberlin has written monthly articles about episodes in the church’s history that are being published under the series title of “Christ Church Looks Back” in the issues of The Vineyard. Articles published before April 2013 are archived in the “Vineyard” section of our “About Us – Publications” web page.