Daily Word of Grace # 19 (April 10, 2020)

In my favorite Denzel Washington film, the gritty Man on Fire (2004) he plays John Creasy, a former United States Marine Corps Force Reconnaissance operative (and severe alcoholic,) who accepts a job to be the bodyguard for nine-year old Pita, played by Dakota Fanning, the daughter of a very wealthy Mexican couple.  But during her piano lesson Pita is kidnapped and Creasy is wounded by multiple gunshots.  Later Creasy receives an offer from Pita’s kidnapper, “Alright, I will give you her life for your life.”  Creasy accepts the offer.  In the final scene he meets Pita’s mom at one end of a bridge, while the kidnappers arrive at the other end of the bridge.  Creasy, still bleeding from his wounds, slowly walks to the top of the bridge and Pita is released by the kidnappers, and sprints to Creasy.  After they embrace, Creasy reassures her, “Alright, your mother is waiting for you at the end of the bridge.  You go home.”  Pita softly asks, “Where are you going?”  “I’m going home too.”  Pita tears up, “I love you, Creasy, and you love me, don’t you?”  Creasy nods, “Yes I do.”  Then Pita runs down the bridge to her mother, and her freedom, and Creasy walks down to the other end of the bridge and surrenders himself to the kidnappers, literally giving his life for Pita’s.  This film is based on a true story, which directly connects with another True Story, the gospel, in which Jesus, because he loves you that much, surrendered himself into the hands of sinners and gave his life for your life on the cross.  This remains the definitive proof of God’s love for you—“God proves his love for us in that while we still were sinners Christ died for us” (Romans 5:8).  And the Risen Jesus still bears the scars that prove God’s love for you.

Love and Prayers,