Daily Word of Grace # 230 (April 29, 2021)

So far my favorite film in the prolific Marvel Comics movie series is Captain Marvel (2019) in which Brie Larson stars as Carol Danvers (aka Captain Marvel) one of the best superheroes ever (in my opinion).  There is a particularly powerful scene near the end of the film when Captain Marvel is knocked down by the evil Supreme Intelligence (played by Annette Benning)…but she does not stay down.  “You’re right,” Carol  says, “I’m only human.”  Then there is a montage of Carol Danvers getting back up each and every time something had knocked her down in her life—as a little girl she gets back up from the beach after being shoved into the sand, gets back up after wrecking on her bike, gets back up after wrecking in a go-cart, gets back up and steps to the plate again after the pitcher intentionally threw a pitch to knock her down, gets back up after falling to ground climbing rope during military training, gets back up after a plane crash…and then of course, gets back up to face, and defeat, the evil Supreme Intelligence.  Many things can knock you down in your life—both literally and figuratively.  I do not need to tell you what those things have been, or are, for you—you already know—and more importantly, so does God.  But you keep getting back up…and even if/when you find yourself unable to get back up, the One who was knocked down again and again on Good Friday and knocked down even into the grave and yet was raised again on Easter morning, will lift you up again.

Love and Prayers,