Daily Word of Grace #14: April 3, 2020
Every several years I reread J. R. R. Tolkien’s masterpiece fantasy trilogy The Lord of the Rings, and each time I enjoy it even more.  One of my favorite characters is Aragorn (also known as Strider), the ranger who is part of the “fellowship of the ring” on their quest to save Middle Earth from destruction by destroying the evil One Ring.  Aragorn is vigilant, compassionate, and present-always.  Late in the story it is revealed that Aragorn is actually much more than a ranger, he is the King of Gondor.  Moreover, it is neither his skill in battle nor his ability to lead others that is the key attribute that reveals his identity as a king; it is something else entirely, as Tolkien repeats multiple times, “The hands of the king are the hands of a healer.”  It is the same with Jesus.  Like Aragorn, Jesus too is vigilant, compassionate, present-always-and like Aragorn, Jesus’ identity as the King was revealed in his ministry of healing.  Throughout his earthly ministry Jesus healed many people-lepers, demoniacs, the blind and deaf and mute-“he cured all of them” (Matthew 12:15 and Luke 4:40).  And on Good Friday Jesus’ healing hands were nailed to a cross where he died not only as the King of the Jews but also as King of Mercy and the King of Grace to bring healing to a hurting world, and to you.  Scripture assures us in both the Old and New Testaments, “By his bruises we are healed” (Isaiah 53:5; 1 Peter 2:24).  Even now what was true of Aragorn is true of the Risen Jesus-“The hands of the king are the hands of a healer.”  Even now, the scarred hand of the King of Kings hold you, and in God’s time, you too will be healed.
Love and Prayers,