Daily Word of Grace # 175 (November 16, 2020)

Several years ago I was at the middle school graduation for one of our kids.  There was the endless stream of awards for every conceivable academic subject and activity, even perfect attendance.  There was the painful performance of the middle school band (God bless middle school band teachers), and the ego-filled speeches from the top graduates.  Finally, the graduation certificates were given.  Each eighth grade graduate ascended the stairs, walked across the stage to receive their certificate—often flashing a braces-filled smile as they did so—and descended the stairs on the far side of the stage.  One graduate was wheelchair bound.  He had not received a single award—and due to severe challenges to which none of us could relate, he could have never won a perfect attendance award.  His father wheeled him to the stage.  There was an awkward moment as the father could not wedge the wheel chair up the narrow stairs, but then something very moving happened.  The father simply scooped up his son into his arms and gently carried him across the stage to receive his graduation certificate—and yes, this young man also flashed a braces-filled smile for all to see.  Appropriately he received the loudest applause of all.  That is what God’s love for you looks like.  Like a shepherd gently carrying a lamb (Isaiah 40:11), God will carry you all through your life, even to “graduation” and into eternity.

Love and Prayers,