Daily Word of Grace # 161 (October 27, 2020)

The term “grace under pressure” denotes someone who not only remains calm under pressure, but also remains kind—even to those who may be causing the pressure in the first place. In the business world “grace under pressure” can refer to CEO’s facing a massive drop in the stock market who will still look out for the good of everyone involved, or owners of a small business dealing with the very real fallout due to COVID 19 who will still put people’s safety first. In sports “grace under pressure” can refer to quarterbacks who remain calm and kind in the huddle when the offensive line is not providing any protection and the receivers are dropping every pass—or to baseball pitchers who remain calm and kind in the dugout when they have a losing record even though their ERA (Earned Run Average) is incredibly low because their team scores no runs. Closer to home, “grace under pressure” can refer to parents whose children’s behavior has them at their wit’s end (or vice versa) and yet remain calm and kind with them (at least sometimes). On Good Friday Jesus demonstrated “grace under pressure” toward the whole world, including you. Although he was really scared, really mistreated, and really killed—Jesus remained calm and kind even to those who nailed him to the cross, even praying for their forgiveness (Luke 23:34). And even now the Risen Jesus still offers you grace, especially in the areas in which you are under the most pressure—grace which in turn may enable you to exhibit “grace under pressure” toward others.

Love and Prayers,