DR Mission Trip

The location of the Dominican Episcopal camp and conference center in the village of El Pedregal (red marker), the site of our 2016 mission trip. 2016 marks the fifteenth year that missioners from Christ Church have worked at this site.

The dates for our next trip are June 12-19, 2017. We selected the date early so that we could get on the Campamento schedule at a time after our local schools ended and before the Campamento’s summer camp sessions for Dominican children begin and so that those thinking of going with us could block out the dates on next year’s schedule.

For the planning webpage for this 2017 trip, click here.

The deadline to join the 2017 team was December 6, 2016, and the membership of the 2017 “GO TEAM” has been set. For more information see the trip planning webpage or contact Julia or Julius Ariail at juliacariail@gmail.com.

Christ Church sponsored a mission trip to the Dominican Republic from May 9-16, 2016. The worksite was the Episcopal Camp of the Mount of the Transfiguration (Campamento Episcopal Monte de la Transfiguración) in the village of El Pedregal, near the large city of Jarabacoa in the central highlands of the Dominican Republic. This Episcopal camp is one of the conference centers operated by the Episcopal Diocese of the Dominican Republic.

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An acolyte in the Episcopal church in El Pedregal with musical instruments donated by a member of Christ Church (Valdosta) and transported to the Dominican Republic by our 2016 missioners.

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