The Vestry at Christ Episcopal Church assists with the administration of the church. The Rector presides at all Vestry meetings. The Vestry meets once a month, and is open to all parishioners.

The 2017 Vestry Members

Jeana Beeland (term expires December 2018)
John Bennett (2018)
Michael Black (2019)
Tammy Borders (2018)
Allan Dear, Junior Warden (2017)
Marvin Dickey (2019)
Duke Guthrie, Secretary (2018)
Sallie Honeycutt (2017)
Phyllis Holland (2019)
Leigh Long (2019)
Dottie Pitts (2017)
Nikki Yarbrough, Senior Warden (2017)
Ex-officio: Amber Tanner, Treasurer